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About us


The Association of Bloggers of Cameroon, abbreviated "ABC", was born from the will of Cameroonian bloggers to meet in one and the same community. Thus, a constitutive general assembly was held in Yaoundé on August 12 and 13, 2017. At the end of the works, the statutes and rules of procedure of the association were adopted and the first executive board was elected.

Goals et missions

ABC is a non-profit association that aims to federate the actors of the blogging and contribute to the promotion of the image of Cameroon (education, awareness, development).

The ABC's missions are to raise awareness, inform, train and develop around the activity of blogging in Cameroon.


The objectives of the ABC are:

- Create and enforce a code of ethics and conduct of bloggers within the framework of the respect of the laws and regulations of Cameroon;

- Serve as a forum for dialogue and exchanges between bloggers and public and private partners;

- Organize trainings and seminars on blogging techniques, rights and duties of the blogger.


The Executive Board of the CBA is composed of a President, a Vice President, a General Secretary, a Deputy Secretary General, a Treasurer of a Censor and a Communication Officer.

The Executive Board is elected for a non-renewable term of two (02) years.

The other bloggers, regularly registered, constitute the members of the association. The CBA is composed of three categories of members: honorary members, active members and sympathetic members.


  • Quarterly meetings : which take place in a city chosen beforehand by the bloggers and the executive bureau. They allow the association to make an inventory of fixtures during a meeting between the executive bureau and the members of the association..
  • The ordinary general meeting : consists of the active members of the association. Honorary members and sympathetic members are admitted but do not have a deliberative voice. The ordinary general assembly meets once a year. It is held at its seat or any other place decided by the general meeting.

It may also happen that an Extraordinary General Assembly is organized following an initiative, either from the Executive Board, or 2/3 of the members up to date, for very specific reasons.

  • Training is also planned by the ABC in order to strengthen the capacity of Cameroonian bloggers but also to popularize the blogging with the public.
  • The ABC attends the events to which it is invited by the organizers.
  • The ABC also assists any blogger, member of the association, who solicits multiform support in his blogging activities mainly.