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Why become a member of the ABC ?

Are you a blogger? Are you Cameroonian? Here are 10 reasons to become a member of the Cameroon Bloggers Association (ABC): :

  1. ABC is the first legalized bloggers association in Cameroon ;
  2. The ABC values Cameroonian bloggers ;
  3. The ABC allows bloggers to get to know each other and form a real network ;
  4. The CBA supports bloggers when they ask for it (and even when they don't) ;
  5. The ABC brings together French and English bloggers ;
  6. The ABC does everything in its power to ensure that Cameroonian bloggers are recognized for their true worth ;
  7. The ABC organizes training for bloggers and the public ;
  8. The CBA organizes awareness campaigns ;
  9. The ABC organizes an awards ceremony for Cameroonian bloggers ;
  10. The ABC welcomes both old and new Cameroonian bloggers, regardless of the country of residence.

Join us now !

Hereby declare that I want to join the Association of Bloggers of Cameroon.

I declare that to the best of my knowledge the information provided is true and given in good faith.

Procedure: After validation by the Executive Board of this application for membership, you will receive by email or SMS the instructions allowing you to pay the membership fee and your first annual membership fee.
Their payment is required to be recognized as an active member of the ABC.
After payment, you will receive a copy of the statutes and rules of procedure; as well as your membership card of the association (additional costs).