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“Mengong 2022 Festival: 10 Bloggers shortlisted to put the event on the lamp light”

“Mengong 2022 Festival: 10 Bloggers shortlisted to put the event on the lamp light”

10 bloggers form the Cameroun bloggers association are getting ready for the live coverage of the Mengong two weeks long festival. The selected few are skilled and experienced bloggers namely

1.    Ndoumou Huguette Michèle

2.    Christel Youbi

3.    Ndefru Melanie

4.    Wokam Kamdem Klove Diana

5.    Frank Parfait Namekong

6.    Fawoh Nancy

7.    Badal Fohmoh

8.    Boutchouang Nghomsi Chanceline

9.    Randy Kimbi

10. Fabrice Bwamou

This year Belinga Foundation ” Bia So Mengong” festival is an opportunity to promote local culture through language, sport, games, cuisine, sport and traditional dances”. Animations, games, culinary competitions, sports meetings and other attractions.

 This menu of the Cultural Festival “Bia So Mengong” of “The Belinga Foundation” is accompanied by the Ministry of Arts and Culture and the local Council

Front July 16, the Mengong municipally will be vibrating with engaging activities portraying the attractiveness of the area. This jamboree will start with   the official launch is scheduled for Saturday through the presence of traditional, political and religious authorities.

A football tournament, a mini-marathon, a miss contest, a choral contest, Songho games and other activities are planned during the cultural fortnight. Every evening, entertainment will be at the rendezvous.

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